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Navruz 2017.

Nowruz is the first day of the Iranian calendar, beginning of spring, corresponding to Ohrmazd day of the month Farvardin (pers.فروردین) (approximately March 21); the equinox — equal days and nights; the beginning of the season of growth and prosperity. The word "Nowruz" from the Tajik-Persian language means "new day."
In Iran, the celebration usually lasts for 13 days, of which the first 5 days after the meeting of Novruz and visiting family and friends. The ninth day is known as Shahryar-Navruz (Navruz Shah), and the thirteenth day as Sizdah-bédard (pers. سیزده به در) ("Thirteenth outside the house").
Novruz has an ancient history. In the poem "Shahnameh" (Persian. شاهنامه) started its celebration is associated with the beginning of the reign of Shah Jamshid (Persian. جمشید) (hence the often used name of the holiday among the Zoroastrians "jamshedi Navruz" and the tradition of the coronation of shahs this holiday).
The word Nowruz first appeared in Persian sources in the second century ad, but the event itself was observed already during the Achaemenid dynasty about 648-330 BCE these days the rulers of the Persian provinces was imparipinnately gifts to the shahanshah.
The current value of the. - Novruz festivities under various names is widely spread in many cultures of the near East and Central Asia, formerly part of the area of influence of the Persian Empire and Persian culture. Here is a partial list of the titles of this holiday in different languages: Azeri. Novruz, the Persian. نوروز — Now ruz, نوورځ Pashto — Naw wraz, a Kurd. Newroz, the Taj. NVRs, UZB. NVRs, Navro'z, plantations. The Nowruz, Nowruz, KAZ. Nauryz, UIG. Was Norouz, Kyrgyz. Nooruz, tat. NRS / Näwrüz, tour. Nevruz, the Crimean tat. Navrez / Navres, back. Nauruz, Chuvashia. Нарăс. He also noted under local names in other languages.
In accordance with the text of the resolution, the UN General Assembly:
recognizes March 21 as international Nowruz day;
welcomes the efforts of member States where Nowruz is celebrated, for the preservation and development of culture and traditions related to Nowruz;
encourages member States to make efforts to raise awareness about Nowruz and to organize, if necessary, an annual event to mark the occasion;
encourages member States, where Novruz is celebrated to study the origins and traditions of this holiday in order to spread knowledge about the heritage of Nowruz in the international community;
invites interested member States and United Nations, in particular its relevant specialized agencies, Funds and programmes, mainly the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization, and interested international and regional organizations and non-governmental organizations to participate in events organized by States where Nowruz is celebrated.
This year Nowruz is celebrated in Dubai, Arab Emirates on 18 MARCH 2017. Follow the news on the website. Subscribe it's free, it's in your hands. On the website there is a line to subscribe is at the bottom of the page. Subscribe and stay tuned to your email.
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